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Gentleman’s Carry Company- Quality Handkerchiefs By Col. Creek Vanderdawson

We here at HoH are known for our EDC (every day carry) items, especially our handkerchiefs, and we are very proud of that fact. We recently found out how much traffic our handkerchief articles are giving our donors and wanted to highlight a couple of more. This week’s installment focuses on Gentleman’s Carry Company (@gentlemanscarry on Instagram) and their relentless pursuit to create the perfect hank.

As most of you know HoH is a huge supporter or our veterans and current servicemen and women, and Gentleman’s Carry Co. is no exception as it was founded by a US Navy vet, so please show your support.
The two original hanks we were sent by GCC were wrapped and packaged in tissue paper with a handwritten note and arrived via USPS. I love when products we are reviewing come with handwritten thanks yous as it shows the authenticity of the creator and keeps with the small business feel. The two originals we received were a purple paisley and a black paisley. I was obsessed immediately as the quality of material and stitching stood out to me right off the bat. The materials were of a stiffer grade of cotton than what I was used to and the stitching must more durable and eye-catching. After about a week of use I received an email from GCC wanting to know if I was happy with the product, to which I obviously gave a positive answer. What happened next shocked me. GCC let me know that they were not happy with the tags on those hanks and would be sending me two more. I told them that their quality was amazing, and they did have to do that, but they insisted.About a week after our conversation a second package of hanks arrived just as thoughtfully packaged as the first. This one contained an Amazing Spiderman hank as well as an all over animal print. Same great quality, same awesome stitching.

Please get on Instagram and place an order with these guys as they are awesome people creating an awesome product. Plus, don’t we all always need more hanks? GCC is Hillbilly Approved 5 out of 5. Welcome to the” Hillbilly Nation” GCC. Creek out!


Rocket Squares- EDC Swag by Col. Creek Vanderdawson


As many of you know, we here at HoH like to keep it classy and dress with a little panache when it comes to our business attire. Rocket Squares has definitely assisted us in continuing that trend. James Chandler and crew have created a line of men’s accessories that are high quality, interesting, and fashionable. Per James, “The goal is simple, to provide pocket squares with high quality materials that we ourselves wear and love, for a price that we would pay.” This rings true.

Rocket Squares was born when founder, James Chandler, began working in Las Vegas after serving in the military (thanks for your service James). Having to wear a suit everyday he found himself surprised at the lack of pocket squares available and that the fact that the ones available were often overpriced. With the help of designer Anna Hernandez, he was able to alleviate this problem for men like us who are on the hunt for higher end fashion accessories, but don’t want to take out a loan to afford them.

I was sent two pocket squares and two handkerchiefs to review and I must say that I am impressed with the quality of each of these. My favorite is hands down the camouflage pocket square as it is a unique piece and always a conversation starter. I am stopped multiple times every time I wear with someone inquiring about where they can get such a cool piece.

The handkerchiefs are also of great quality and design. My favorite of those two has a nautical theme (y’all know Ol’ Creek loves boats), it is double sided, made of quality material that rarely needs ironing, and has been a hit with all that have seen it. I would advise the Hillbilly Nation to pick up a few of these for sure.

In closing, be sure to hit up and purchase all of the items available on their page, because believe me, I will be getting more for sure. Rocket Squares and James, welcome to the Hillbilly Nation, you are 100% “Hillbilly Approved”. Creek out!

Lowcountry Liniments by Col. Creek Vanderdawson


Lowcountry Liniments, located in the great state of South Carolina, has taken a special place in the hearts and minds of the boys here at HoH HQ. Not only do they produce one helluva product line, but they are located in our home away from home. We are huge fans of the South Carolina lowcountry and make at least one trip a year down there to enjoy the beaches, fishing, and of course the lowcountry cooking.

Enough of me talking up the Palmetto State, lets get on with the reviews:
1. Sandalwood Beard Oil- an excellent addition to my beard oil arsenal. This scent is light, refreshing, and not “too hippy”. Two thumbs way up!
2. Bay Rum and Orange Beard Oil- another great product. I have been switching in and out between this and the Sandalwood and have to say I love them equally.
3. Peppermint and Orange Beard Balm- an excellent beard balm. Keeps my beard full and maintained. Love the scent.
4. Coffee Beard Balm- Can honestly say I have not tried this one yet. It is nothing against the product itself, but I am not a fan of coffee or the scent. Seems to be the same quality as the Peppermint and Orange, so if you love coffee I say this one is for you!
5. Lip Balm- have to say this is the most interesting product I received. It is on par with the quality of Bert’s so I would suggest stocking up before winter sets in and your lips start cracking and breaking like the hearts of so many women when Ol’ Virgil walks into the local watering hole.

My overall opinion is that LC Liniments is an amazing company with amazing employees that is on the rise in the men’s care realm. My barber says she has never seen my beard grow so fast and full as when I started using their products. Get on their Big Cartel site and stock up! Also, if you get a chance to get down to South Carolina, order up a big plate of shrimp n’ grits and a side of collards for me. Hillbilly Approved, Creek out!

Hankerchic by Col. Creek Vanderdawson

Hankerchic was formed in March of 2015 and is quickly rising in the EDC scene. The name came from using the owner’s nickname and of course what she produces, quality hanks. All of the handkerchiefs that Chic produces are $12 shipped within the US and come in a variety of designs. She also produces pocket squares for the sophisticated EDC gentleman.

My favorite, although a little smaller than I usually carry, was the mustache hank. I had been looking for a hank to match some of the more outrageous colors I wear, yes I wear pink, I “ain’t skeered” as they say in my neck of the woods. I also received a green and blue hank with a sort of paisley design, it ranks in my Top 10 hanks that I currently own, and that’s a tough list to get on.

hanks pic

Chic’s quality is on par with, or above many of the other hanks that I have seen on the market. So at $12 per, I suggest you search her inventory on Instagram (@hankerchic) and send her a DM on what you want to order and order yourself a couple. Definitely worth it, and “Hillbilly Approved”.

The Queen’s Gambit

QGAs I tell you time and time again we receive some of the coolest stuff here at HoH HQ. One of our most recent acquisitions was a set of coasters from The Queen’s Gambit. I know what you’re thinking, “Coasters? Really?” Yes, coasters, you ingrate, my momma taught me not to get water spots on her cherry tables.

The Queen’s Gambit is the online persona of Miss Taylor Kendyle, and she produces, what I believe to be, the most badass coasters out there by using recycled beer boxes. Last fall, around the beginning of the semester, Taylor and her boyfriend were looking for a way to reuse all of the six pack holders they had been saving (evidently they love beer as much as Ol’ Virgil). One day she ventured out while her boyfriend was at work to purchase supplies, and by the time he got home he was greeted with her handmade coasters. Over the course of several months he raved to all of his buddies about the product and Taylor began to produce them for his friends as well. She decided that these would be a worthwhile money making venture so her Etsy site (which is under her real name) came to fruition. She wanted a name that encompassed strength and sacrifice to symbolize her personal journey in life and her coming out a better person. The Queen’s Gambit is an opening move in chess where sacrificing a piece in the beginning gives the player the upper hand for most of the game. It is also the name of Oliver Queen’s dad’s boat in Arrow for you comic nerds like me. These coasters really show who Taylor is, creative, southern, and a Texas girl who loves beer.

Go order some today! At 4 for $20 these can’t be beat, plus, what man doesn’t want to own badass coasters with his favorite beer on them.
4.9 out 5, Hillbilly Approved!

Snakebite Paracord By Col. Creek Vanderdawson

As we continue to delve into every day carry items, we would be ignorant not to include every prepper’s favorite, paracord. I had the honor of joining forces with Snakebite Paracord on a giveaway I am currently conducting on Instagram, and I must say that Anthony has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. His customer service and integrity leave nothing to be desired and he has made sure that all of my giveaway items, as well as a couple of things for me, have been masterpieces and delivered timely.
Snakebite Paracord received its name from a childhood incident that was experienced by Anthony. While living in Texas during his teen years he was bitten by a copperhead, which as many of you know, is a venomous pit viper native to North America. During these same years Anthony also discovered the outdoor/survival lifestyle, and began to study. While searching for paracord bracelets he found there were none that he liked and he decided to branch out and design his own. After many trials he finally found a design he liked and began to wear it, his friends loved it and continued to ask where he bought it, thus, Snakebite Paracord was born.
With prices varying from $10 for bracelets to $12 for dog collars I find Anthony’s prices to be slightly better than most of his competition. Quality is where he excels though, I have put his bracelets through months of wear and tear, from the backwoods of Kentucky to the salt waters of the Atlantic, and have had no issues of any kind.
Give Anthony a shout on Instagram (snakebite_paracord) and tell him what you like or hit him up at to place an order.
Welcome to the Hillbilly Nation Anthony, we love your work.
Hillbilly Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on price, quality, and overall service.

Bulldog Welding “Art and Star Wars” By Col. Creek Vanderdawson

Just when I thought some of the gear we receive here at HoH HQ couldn’t get any cooler along comes Bulldog Welding and hits it out of the park. He managed to combine two of HoH’s favorite things, drinking, and STAR WARS! I met Aaron, the founder of Bulldog Welding, on Instagram as we travel in some of the same EDC circles, and one magical day he sent me a picture of a Stormtrooper bottle opener he was working on. I thought “Damn, Creek, this dude is gonna cost you some money.”

Flash forward a few months and I receive a post here at the homestead with a Michigan return address, now being a Buckeye fan I am skeptical of any mail I receive from that “state up north”, but saw his name and was relieved. I opened it to find not only the Stormtrooper bottle opener, but a Millennium Falcon as well! This guy is awesome!

Aaron has been a CAD designer in the automotive industry since 1996, and after a seven year stint in Wisconsin designing military vehicles, was blessed to travel to Saudi Arabia for a month to test some of his designs. He has always had a passion for welding and art which was instilled in him at a young age by his mother, an art teacher, and ever since he struck his first arc he has been pushing himself to become a better welder and sculptor. Aaron began making his bottle openers due to his love of Star Wars, and the fact that he wanted bottle openers that were fully Made in the USA.
These Star Wars openers are by far the coolest custom openers I have seen on the market, and the quality and attention to detail are second to none. Believe me these openers will get plenty of use when me and Ol’ Virgil hit the road for our normal summer antics at the lakes of Kentucky, and the beaches of, well, anywhere. Please be sure to visit Aaron’s etsy shop bulldogweldingMI and purchase 1 or 20 his great pieces.

Bulldog Welding is a welcome addition to the “Hillbilly Nation” and we rate his products a 5 out of 5. Get out there and give him your money now! “Think globally, act hillbilly”. Creek out!

The Almighty Grip-Key

KeySmart, KeyBar, key this, key that. I know many of our readers get inundated with the different variety of key accessories and holders on the market today clamoring to get the business of EDC obsessed nutjobs like us. Many make big promises, and have developed quite a cult following that would rather fight you to the death than give up their brand. We at HoH HQ have become equally as loyal. Our devotion lies with Grip-Key.
Grip-Keys are 100% made in America. Made from Quality Kydex, the same material that most gun holsters and knife sheaths are made from, allows them to be rugged and light. Their unique design allows you to put larger keys such as car keys within the Grip-Key and will eliminate all your key problems with sound and annoyance, I have the keys to my F-150 and my soccer mom SUV on here with no issues.
Each Grip-Key is approximately 4 in. L x 1 1/2 in. W and can accommodate up to 16 house keys depending on the style of key. All designs on the website are $35 and custom orders are only $5 more at $40. They are handmade and made to order, and Robert takes great pride in his work. Grip-Keys come with a steel, black coated belt clip to tightly secure your Grip-Key to your person, making these more convenient than the traditional key chains we have reviewed on here in the past. They also hold a Sharkkey Tool with no issue.
Overall Creek gives the Grip-Key a score of 5 out of 5 rated on construction, performance, price point, and overall appearance. Virgil scores them a 4.5 out of 5 based on these same criteria, making the average 4.75 out of 5. As you can tell these are “Hillbilly Approved”, so get on the website ( and order a few for you and your crew today!

The Copper Shark

Yet again, we here at HoH HQ have been sent an awesome product to review. The Hillbilly Nation just continues to grow and send in more and more cool EDC items. This time it is the Copper Shark from Cu Healthy Products, LLC. The idea behind this product is genius, and the story, heartwarming. Sit back, pour yourself a Blanton’s (neat of course), and have a hank ready to wipe those tears, I mean, uh, because you got smoke in your eyes from that Cohiba, yeah that’s it.

The Copper Shark is a product born of love and necessity. When the Jason Seidel found out that his beloved Jolene had Stage 3 colon cancer, he knew something had to be done to protect her compromised immune system. Jolene doesn’t like to use hand sanitizers, and her skin was already dry from the chemo, thus, the Copper Shark began to come to fruition. After extensive research on antimicrobial copper Jason set out to design a device to assist with doing everything from opening lever style doors to flushing public toilets. The good news is Jolene is still using her Copper Shark to this day, the GREAT news is her cancer is now in remission (God is great!)!

Being in the healthcare industry I was the perfect guinea pig for this device. I have used it extensively over the past 2-3 weeks in various facilities and have found it to honestly give some added relief. The simple mechanics on this device have allowed me to open all hospital lever style doors, push elevator buttons, and even pick up some dropped items that needed to be disposed of. Many of my colleagues have been intrigued by the Shark, and when I explain to them why I have it a huge light bulb comes on in all of their eyes.
1. Ease of use
2. Cost- $29.95 per (this is an excellent price point to maintain better health)
3. The Seidels (wonderful people with a really cool story)
The only con we found was that the Copper Shark can be a little cumbersome when wearing a suit due to its length, and carrying it in the pocket of my slacks.
Overall, Creek rates this a 4.5 out of 5. Please visit and order these today.
Welcome to the Hillbilly Nation Jason and Jolene, and God bless both of you. “Think Globally, Act Hillbilly” Creek out!